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Snow at Korea.
Saturday, 30 November 2013 • 10:27 • 0 Love Letter ♥

Ohmaigadd !!
Snow coming down !!
But unfortunately i at Malaysia, doesn't have snow.
Only have summer and rainy.
So perhaps someone can take me there.
Not only see snow, but see my husband(bias).
Go concert, eat kimbap, walk at Han River.
Haahh now i'm totally scared about my PMR result !!
Damn damn !! Hope i can get good result ~
But i must not thinking about school thing !!
Because now is middle of school holiday(but i'm staying at home and fangirlling).
So happy holiday guys !
byebye see me on next update ~

Happy Holiday End Year 2013 !!

Ulala Session’s Leader Lim Yoon Taek Passes Away After Battling Cancer.
Tuesday, 12 February 2013 • 05:15 • 0 Love Letter ♥

With heavy hearts, we report that Ulala Session‘s Lim Yoon Taek has passed away on February 11.
Im Yook Tek’s agency, Ulala Company, made an official statement on February 11 and said, “Leader Lim Yoon Taek has passed away while he was with his family and the other Ulala Session members.”
They continued, “Lim Yoon Taek, who was struggling with fourth stage stomach cancer, has passed away at 8:42 PM on February 11 at the Severance Hospital in Seoul when he was with his family and friends,” and “He did not leave a will and is survived by his wife Lee Hye Rim and daughter Im Ri Dan.”
A funeral for Lim Yoon Taek will be held on February 14.
Lim Yoon Taek was part of the talented group Ulala Session, who were the winners of Mnet‘s “Super Star K3” in 2011. Ulala Session surprised and moved countless fans and viewers with their talented and explosive vocal skills, flashy performances heartfelt stories and great humor.
Many viewers were touched by Ulala Session’s heart, especially with leader Lim Yoon Taek’s passion even though he was struggling with a very difficult illness. Throughout the course of “Super Star K3″ and many other broadcasts thereafter, Lim Yoon Taek showed strong leadership and charisma as the leader and eldest member of the group. Lim Yoon Taek always gave it his all and poured out his energy and soul during his performances, even with a weak and ill body.
Lim Yoon Taek will forever be remembered as a great performer, artist and leader.

I really sad after heard about this news. But thank you to soompi because tell the world about this news.
I would like to pray to his wife and his daughter. Keep strong! I know how our feeling when lost loved ones.

R.I.P Lim Yoon Taek ~

I'm Back ^_^
Saturday, 9 February 2013 • 02:20 • 0 Love Letter ♥

Wee wee wee !!
Finally we have school holiday for Chinese New Year :)
So ....
I take some selca ^^
Hahaha ~
Kinda crazy because I can't sleep ~

Crazy right ~
But still beautiful :)
Hahaha ..
Nothing to type ~~~
These night is very boring !
Tomorrow on 3:50PM I going back to Shah Alam ~
Ahh why time to fast TT_TT
Now 2:18AM already ~
Should I stop now ?
Hahaha ..
I think yep ~ 
Byebye ..
*my engrish sooooo fail !*

PMR is Getting Near Guys !
Monday, 4 February 2013 • 17:31 • 0 Love Letter ♥

Yo ! PMR is getting near !!!
So don't play play ^^
PMR ... 98 batch is last batch take PMR ~
Then doesn't have PMR anymore ..
So sad to 99 batch because they must take PBS (replace as PMR)
Every month take that exam ..
But I watch them still peace !!
Hahaha ..
Since I school and stay at hostel ..
It's too hard for update my blog ~
Pray for me okay :)
These Friday, I back to my aunt house until next Wednesday ^^
Happy Chinese New Year :D

Ahh I'm happy because I got 3-5 chinese friend at new school ^^
One of them is Tan Sheau Suey ~
Kekeke ..
I not too friendly with Hui Peng and Chin Wee because they too quiet ..
Sometime I'm happy, sometime I'm sad ...
Ahh I hope I can happy all time :')
Tik Tok Tik Tok ///
5:30PM already ..
I need go back to my hostel ^^ 
Byebye ..

My life at Asrama SMK Khir Johari !
Saturday, 26 January 2013 • 03:11 • 0 Love Letter ♥

Wow !
I can believe it ~
Include this day, 4 week I school and live at hostel !
Ahh tomorrow Saturday, I back to Shah Alam ^^
I miss my mom and my dad !
I miss my friend !
I miss my old teacher !
The important is I miss my EX5 merah ^^
Hahaha ~
Wee now already 3AM ~
I think I need sleep now but ...
I have awesome story !!

Third day we at hostel.
There have 'Aspuri' and 'Aspura'.
I have one friend from 'Aspura'.
His name is Amirul Hakim.
He from 3 Baiduri ^^
*I from 3 Mestika*
So, i guess we just a friend or bestfriend..
He like me ..
His house at Selekoh, Bagan Datoh.
Daebak !!
Really daebak ~
My friend Amira and Ain said we have 'mate'
Hahaha ...
Sorry ~
My english is so so so bad !!
Okay I think that all ..
Maybe tomorrow I continue back ^^
Byebye ~

New Life !!
Saturday, 15 December 2012 • 03:40 • 0 Love Letter ♥

Hello guys ^^
Thank you come to my blog ^^
Ahh next year is my big year !!
*Big year ?*
Yeshh TT_TT
I have big test ..
That would call 'PMR'
Ahhhh ..
Stress due I have too move to new school.
First I'm kinda sad and don't want.
But lastly ^^
I accept it as my new school :)
Even I must stay at hostel.
No more internet.
No more motorcycle.
No more KBS World.
No more sleep late.
No more Music Bank.
No more fangirlling !!
Ahh kinda sad ~
But .. I must stop it.
Because of PMR ^^
My target only 7A1B or 6A2B ~
Yeahh, I know I not realy intelligent.
I really dumb -_-
Yeah it's true about myself.
Always watch KPOP, K-dramas and korean movies.
Ahh I should stop it and leave it at my home ^^
Yeahh .. 
My house and my new school far far away.
My house - Shah Alam.
My new school - Perak.
Ahh I'm happy with it ^^
Today I must sleep now since I want back to my hometown.
Byebye ^^

[Part 2] Fall In Love With Adopt Sister
Saturday, 13 October 2012 • 23:22 • 0 Love Letter ♥

Okay we continue our fanfic ^^

[Part 2] 
Fall In Love With Adopt Sister.


Eunya didn't speak after 5 minutes LJoe hug her.
Dae who is from kitchen shock with LJoe behavior.
After LJoe hug Eunya tightly he said ..
"Eunya my sister, i never let you go to other oppa"
"Also with you Dae !"
Eunya almost cry heard LJoe say like that.
Teen Top, Dae and Eunya going out to funfair.
So they divided into two group.
Group one - 
C.A.P, Niel, Chunji and Dae.
Group two -
Changjo, Ricky, LJoe and Eunya.
So after split 4 member to each group.
They go play funfair with their freedom.
Suddenly, Eunya got fall because someone push her.
With embarrassed face she go to toilet.
After two minutes on toilet Eunya come out and mentions,
Changjo, Ricky and LJoe left her alone at funfair.
So she go to find C.A.P group ..
Eunya find them but they were in rollercoster.
So Eunya must wait them for a few minutes ~
After a few minutes later.
C.A.P and other member done play their rollercoster.
C.A.P ask Eunya,
"Eunya, Why you alone here ??"
And Eunya replied with sad tone.
"Changjo, Ricky and LJoe oppa left me when i go to toilet"
Then C.A.P ask Eunya to follow them ..
*The reason Changjo and other member left her alone because,
Ricky want plan a big birthday party to Eunya,
tomorrow is Eunya birthday also with LJoe*
After 3 hours playing at funfair they back and go eat somewhere.
While they walking go to restaurant,
C.A.P ask Changjo why left Eunya alone it's to danger !
Eunya feel sorry to Changjo, 
because of her Changjo got angry from C.A.P.
Finally, they find their favorite restaurant.
It's located nearby Han River.
After done eat, LJoe ask Eunya to out from restaurant.
Eunya confius why her must out ?
Suddenly promptly at 12:00 PM [Korean Time]
Fireworks come out infront the river.
Eunya tear out.
LJoe hug her from back ..
Dae actually having a crush on Chunji,
and Chunji already know that,
so Dae out for congrats Eunya.
Suddenly, Chunji shout Dae name.
"Yahhh Nam Dae Ro !!"
So after Dae heard someone call her.
She take a sight to know who call her and it's Chunji.
She very shock when saw a big banner behind Chunji.
It's write 'Will you marry me, Dae ?'
Dae shout loudly 'Yes ! Yes for my Chunji' 

-To Be Continue-
Hope my english good :3

Assalamualaikum ! I'm Hidayah ^^ From Malaysia ~ Hardcore of Kpopper. Lay stalker stylist noona. Hongbin, L.Joe, Jonghwan and Kwangyeon wife. Welcome To My Blog ^^
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